Flash Data offers secure and powerful solutions that meet the challenges unique to each case. When you partner with Flash Data, you are partnering with seasoned/knowledgeable professionals who understand the expectations of the chaotic litigation industry.

At Flash Data, our collaborative approach is what defines our success. Our expert, relationship-focused support combined with industry-leading technology and straightforward and competitive pricing is what sets us apart from the standard/average

This translates to extremely remarkable service with quality to match and allows us to deliver value and extraordinary outcomes for you and your team. Flash Data is your all-in-one litigation support solution and makes your entire “litigation lifecycle” far more efficient, timely and cost-effective. No matter the type of litigation you face, Flash Data has the expertise and processing power to give you an advantage in this ever increasing litigious world.

We deliver new level of specialization, efficiency and breadth to the management risk
in corporate data, Technology, eDiscovery services and consulting.

Flash Data is not only a leading international eDiscovery, manage review services, data management service
provider for corporations and law firms, but it also helps client optimize their eDiscovery matters by creating
a fresh new communication link between people, technology, data and various other processes.


It’s always the small pieces that make the big picture

Electronic data comes in all shapes and sizes. Processing your evidence with flawless precision requires years of expertise. Flash Data’s intelligent data reduction allows you to speed up review times and improve accuracy to capture all of the required metadata for various data sets.

We have a deep understanding of the strategies behind processing which allows us to streamline the amount of data requiring review. We apply a fully defensible data reduction technique in order to deliver the smallest and most accurate data set throughout the document review and production process.

We use industry-leading technology and state-of-the-security at our certified data center for processing, hosting and production in order to accurately and smoothly achieve consistent results. We have great pride in our ability to deliver thorough…. Unforeseen circumstances arise frequently in this industry and we are always prepared to jump in and respond quickly, day or night.

Flash Data’s data processing follows a 3-step process:




eDiscovery is a technological challenge which requires technological expertise.

With electronic data exponentially growing every day,

The sheer volume of data within corporations has grown exponentially in a very short period of time, transforming paper records and the need for digital storage. This data is kept in a large variety of storage systems, many electronic files are diversified and more complex than ever. Most law firms and corporations only possess minimal training in the eDiscovery field. All corporations are learning that eDiscovery preparedness is important to resolve many problems when it comes to prosecuting or defending a claim.

Our eDiscovery workflow begins with a comprehensive corporate assessment. This assessment allows our team to begin research and start recommending solutions which are custom tailored to the corporation’s needs. Our practices are always in terms with local and federal rules and regulations which is assured that your evidence is preserved and defendable in a court of law.

Flash Data can act hand-in-hand as your eDiscovery processing experts. This is the core of our business.

eDiscovery services

Process, Dedupe, DeNIST

Output to TIFF
Images + Natives + Text + Metadata

Output to NATIVE
Natives + Text + Metadata

  • Hosted Review
  • Project Setup
  • Import 3rd Party Data
  • Conversion to Image for Production
  • Data Hosting
  • Analytics

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Paper Discovery

Deadlines are a closer than they appear...
Flash Data to the Rescue!

By utilizing the most up-to-date high speed equipment, along with our rigorous quality control processes, we can ensure that our experienced staff is giving you the highest possible quality images, every time.

Our copy, scan and print production center runs 24/7, providing detail-oriented and deadline-driven work around the clock. This allows us to deliver quality service, ensuring you have everything you need in a FLASH!

We have an experienced and capable staff, who understand and are willing to meet even the toughest deadlines.

No job is too big or small.

We have the ability to handle a wide variety of copy and scanning projects. Whether it’s a simple black and white print request or complex color scan project. By utilizing high-speed scanners and printers we assure that you can combine quality, affordability and speed. We provide electronic images and create a load file for your review platform. All of the copy and scanned projects are quality checked before leaving our facility. We take great pride in meeting your deadlines and exceeding your expectations.

Included products and services:

  • Copying
  • Scanning
  • Printing
  • Binding Services
  • Courtroom Demonstratives
  • Free pick-up and delivery

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